the shirts

Where do you find all of these shirts?

Well, I’m starting out with just seven shirts, and they came to me either as a result of a donation I made or I just straight out purchased them myself. I’ve been a fan of Café Press since I discovered www.doghause.com several years ago. I searched there and found a number of super cool Obama shirts that I loved. I bought some from www.obamaforamerica.com too, and would have bought more there, but they were sold out of the best designs. Not surprising since I got this idea after watching the convention, which likely motivated many people to visit his site. You’ve all seen the speech, right? http://my.barackobama.com/barackspeech Anyway,I hate when I get to the “add to cart” button, and have already looked at all of the views, all of the colors, justified the expense, only to get the “we’re sorry, size medium is currently out of stock” message. I do a lot of online shopping, so this is not new to me, but I’m still always disappointed by it.

I am hoping this blog will result in some new shirts coming my way. I don’t want to be the blogging girl who is wearing the same shirt every Monday now through November. That said, I will wear the original seven for the next 2 months if that’s what it takes. Ideally though, some company will decide not only to offer me a shirt, but will also offer them to you – or at least a coupon code for all of you reading. You should know that I am a coupon code junkie.

Remember, I’m wearing these shirts everywhere I go. We’re in NE Ohio, so if you have ideas for OS (Obama Shirt) photo worthy locations, please send them my way.


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  1. September 7, 2008 at 11:04 pm

    Great picture! I’m a fan of that shirt.

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I've made a commitment to wear an Obama shirt each day until the election - a total of 60 days. I document each day here. The faqs will tell you more.


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