day 6 – the word on the street

Day 6

Day 6

“The Word on the Street”
Tuesday, 9/9/08

Shirt: Obama 08 – available at Obama for America. While you’re there, take a look at the Action Center and find a way to get involved if you’re not already.

1. Park and Playground –
please note that the playground designers not only added a barn (w/a rock wall) to the playground, but they made it an Ohio Bicentennial barn. If you’re not familiar, at least one barn in every county in Ohio was painted this way to celebrate our bicentennial. At the playground barn, there are farm animals painted on the inside, so we tell G it’s the farm sanctuary park. Speaking of sanctuaries and animals, I have to say McCain could not have chosen a VP candidate that would fire up animal advocates more. There are several animal advocacy discussion boards bursting with info about getting active for the Obama campaign. Gov. Palin seems to have this sheer lack of respect for all non-human living things – plant and animal. It seems risky to me for McCain to move in that direction, when in this country it’s really become a trend to be “green.” It’s never been more clear that blue and green are dependent on one another.


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