Day 10 – the word on the street

Day 10

Day 10

“The Word on the Street”
Saturday, 9/13/08

Shirt: Berkeley for Obama – available at CafePress. Why Berkeley? Favorite friends of ours recently moved there, and were so nice to send me this shirt. So fun wearing it all day even through the Ohio rain.

Don’t forget to order your free Obama Button from MoveOn.

1. Indian Restaurant –
we don’t usually eat here two days straight, but some friends were going for lunch and invited us. Our favorite server said, “Oh, Obama again” and smiled. Our friends liked my shirt too. We had brief conversation about Gov. Palin and our continued shock and growing fear of her.

2. Pet Supply Store – this store always has conservative talk radio playing. I’ve thought about boycotting them for that, but the fact is they’re the only store in town that stocks our preferred dog food, and they’ve helped me with some advocacy work for the local dog pound, so that’s enough balance for me. If they started selling puppies or kittens, that would be a deal breaker. I wondered what sort of reaction I would get to my shirt, but no problems. I think the cashier was primarily concerned with helping me carry all of the dog food out in the rain.

3. Movie – we saw the new Coen brothers movie. Funny and sad all at once. No shirt reaction.

4. Local Sports Bar – we’d never been to this place before, and I knew I’d stick out as the only person not wearing OSU gear. Plenty of looks, but no comments.


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I've made a commitment to wear an Obama shirt each day until the election - a total of 60 days. I document each day here. The faqs will tell you more.


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