Free Lipstick Bumpersticker

Go to Emily’s List and you can order a free bumpersticker that says “Read my lipstick, I’m voting democrat.”


1 Response to “Free Lipstick Bumpersticker”

  1. 1 L
    September 16, 2008 at 3:38 am

    The republicans are up to no good in Ohio already:


    They added a line stating: “I am a qualified elector and would like to receive an Absentee Ballot for the November 4, 2008 General Election.” And next to that line? A check box requiring a mark or the entire form is invalid. Pretty sneaky, sis.

    In light of these shenanigans, she’s created a system where the almost million absentee ballots can be actually counted for the next election. A million ballots in 200 would have meant a Gore presidency and a Kerry presidency in 2004. Of course the Republicans are against counting all the votes. Figures.

    “Even though a campaign’s confusing form has kept some Ohio voters from following Ohio election law, I am working with boards of elections to make sure every eligible voter gets to vote,” said Brunner in a statement issued this evening. “Ohio law is crystal clear on the strict requirements to receive an absentee ballot. Ignoring that law could lead to voter fraud in such a high-turnout election.”

    But great job to Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner!


    BTW, I love, love, love the blog. And not just because I love, love, love you…

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