day 13 – the word on the street

Day 13

Day 13

“The Word on the Street”
Tuesday, 9/16/08

Shirt: Obama Mama 08 – can be purchased through CafePress. You might notice that I ordered this one in a different style. This is the fitted jersey and I am excited to have a few shirts (you’ll see more of them soon) that are fitted enough that I can dress them up a bit if needed. Just fyi on sizing, I wear a medium in non-fitted styles and a large in fitted. So size up if you are ordering any of the fitted styles.

1. Playing in the parks –
we had to go to two different parks because the first (where photo was taken) was hit badly by the wind storm a few night ago. Lots of damage to trees, so it wasn’t really safe for playing. This is the park were L and I were married, and now we take G there for the playground. At any rate, we left and went to a different playground that is not in a wooded area. We stayed, played, and talked with the other parents. No mention of politics from them, but L and I talked about this Jill Greenberg photo shoot. L says there has been a lot of discussion about it on some photojournalism lists he’s subscribed to. I think it’s safe to say she crossed a line here, but maybe I’m overly sensitive since seeing the photos of crying children she used for her anti-Bush exhibit.


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