day 15 – the word on the street

Day 15

“The Word on the Street”
Thursday, 9/18/08

Shirt: Polar Bears for Obama/Biden– can be purchased through CafePress. As you can probably guess, this is one of my very favorite shirts. Did you know that polar bear mamas usually give birth to twin cubs and that the cubs stay with their mother for two years. This is important to understand because with global warming, and the ice melting, these bears have to spend more time in the water swimming to find food, and their babies have to keep up. Polar bears are good swimmers, but are not capable of swimming miles and miles. So what happens? They drown and their babies drown. It’s simple and it’s very sad. Gov. Palin’s attempts to remove the listing of polar bears as a threatened species under the endangered species act, and to deny global warming, are just two examples of how she’s even further to the right, an even stronger opponent of environmental protection, and less educated than G.W. Please read the story in the Anchorage Daily News, and check out the comments from Alaskans. It doesn’t look like they’re so happy with her leadership. We don’t want these beautiful creatures drowning, do we? We don’t want McCain/Palin.

1. Shoe Shopping –
today, I was on a quest with my mom to find shoes for G. It involved several different stores and ended with some cute blue and red sneakers and lunch at Chipotle. I was so proud of my Obama shirt today – I always am, but if questioned, I have to admit that I can make my case for animal protection better than pretty much any other argument. I found out today that not only have my parents registered to vote for the first time in their lives (YIPPEE!), but my mom is encouraging others to do the same, and advocating Obama to her friends who are already registered. My parents are watching CNN, watched the conventions, the Palin interviews, and they’re just generally tuned in to the issues this year. I’m so proud of them for that. They absolutely realize how critical this election is, and they are spreading the word!


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I've made a commitment to wear an Obama shirt each day until the election - a total of 60 days. I document each day here. The faqs will tell you more.


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