day 26 – the word on the street

Day 26

Day 26

“The Word on the Street”
Monday, 9/29/08

Shirt: Never anything false about hope – available through CafePress.

1. Home with sick little G –
have a little guy not feeling well, so stayed in today. Being in all day led to way too much news watching. All seems so dire in the media, doesn’t it? I want to understand and form an informed opinion, but I don’t know what to believe. I supposed I lean toward seeing this as a scare tactic more than anything, that said, I am a little scared. I hope the dems come out with their own plan that looks out for us at least as much as much as it looks out for wall street. Couldn’t the billions of dollars at least be approved in installments? I don’t know…

And what I can’t understand even more is how the republicans manage to spin everything in their favor. I don’t think they’re having any success in spinning the bailout failure, but they’re sure trying. How can McCain be taking FULL credit for the bailout passing (before it ever passed, obviously), and the next hour, blame Obama for it not passing. Do people really buy into that? So…it’s passing would have been fully reliant on McCain, but it’s failure wasn’t equally reliant? I mean, let’s be serious, McCain had little to nothing to do with it either way, but you can’t lie and then change your lie. McCain can’t even be consistent in his lies.


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