day 28 – the word on the street

Day 28

Day 28

“The Word on the Street”
Wednesday, 10/1/08

Shirt: Barack the Vote – can be purchased at Barackawear. I’m wearing Blueberry Ice, and it’s a women’s fitted American Apparel shirt. Isn’t is a great style? I love it. In addition to men’s and women’s shirts, they offer dog tees, kid’s tees, Obama onesies. All of their designs are made in Downtown LA. It’s a well run little company that is doing great work to promote Obama. Thanks so much to them for sending me this shirt!

1. Work day and Co-Op day –
I run a Frontier co-op, basically a group of friends come together once/month to place a big natural foods order, and we order enough that we get significant discounts – many items are available to us at wholesale. Some of the many brands available through the co-op are Frontier Foods, Simply Organic, Kiss My Face, Jason Naturals, Aura Cacia, Earth’s Best, Maggie’s, Rainbow Vitamins, and Ecover. It’s great b/c it can be pricey to try to be a conscious consumer, but with these discounts, we can all feel good about what we’re purchasing, and avoid cost playing a role in our choices. My guess is this group was buying these products at retail before the co-op started though, recognizing the cost to animals, our planet and our bodies outweighed all other costs. Speaking of those important costs, you might want to check out this brief, simple, gentle video about the many benefits of a plant based diet. Anyway, I love the co-op for many reasons, one being that I get to see many of my closest (and busiest) friends at least once/month when they come to pick up their orders. Today was that day. Anyone can sign up to host a Frontier co-op, btw. It costs just $10 to join.

I also was able to finalize G’s birthday party invites today. I found this great designer on Etsy, and am so thrilled with her work that I had to tell all of you about it. It’s a unique service b/c you pay a one time fee of $15 for the design and then she sends you a high res version that you can have printed anywhere, resulting in major savings. And as a friend pointed out, you could choose to print them on recycled stock, which is very cool. In all honesty though, I’m just really excited that I got my design so quickly, and can get the invites out right away, since I’m terribly late with them already. Poor G…I spend my early mornings (my only free time seems to be from 5am-7am) blogging and working lately.


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