Gobama Support Pack

Our awesome friends, who could not make me laugh more, sent this email the other day and the package in the photo above arrived this weekend. Anyone need a button? Let me know and I’ll share.

Whatup Fam and my friends,

You may or may not know it my friends — but M and I sent you all an Obama Support pack with some buttons and a mix CD all due to some spontaneous pork barrel spending and non-earmark reforms by the K family. Yes we did it and you do know our names. Call M and I mavericks but we believe this mail surge will bring smiles to most of your faces.

Please be warned that the Mix CD has vulgar language and hip hop on it my friends. It may not satisfy some with elite listening values but gosh darn it — it sure captures our small town middle class family values.

The buttons are for you to wear, share, and enjoy my friends.

We would love it if you actually wore a button or two without preconditions. If you do not wish to wear them my friends it’d be great if you found someone who would walk the walk, talk the talk,
and pimp the pin. It would be a shame to see them go to waste.

Peace, Love, and Fist Bumps.


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