day 41 – the word on the street

Day 41

Day 41

“The Word on the Street”
Tuesday, 10/14/08

Shirt: Hope – can be purchased through CafePress. Still one my fave shirts. Feeling hopeful today w/Obama’s current lead and after watching Oprah’s groundbreaking show that touched on atrocities in the farmed animal industry. If you’re in CA, I hope you’ll vote yes on proposition 2.

1. Work day, G’s birthday dinner, Pumpkin patch, –
A great day celebrating a lot of happiness. I continue to see rapid increases in the number of McCain/Palin signs locally. Frightening. I’ve noticed that most homes with McCain signs have two of them – one on each edge of their property. This must be a recommendation from the McCain camp, right? My dad says we can get Obama signs at our local democratic office, so we’re hoping to pick one up.

I saw Sarah Palin in two different outfits yesterday – and she had a polar bear pin on both. Does she honestly think that wearing a pin on her shirt does anything to rectify her blatant lack of concern for any animals – especially polar bears? I literally felt sick, between the combination of the pin propaganda and the hateful remarks from the crowd that she makes no comment on. Lies and hate are not Christian values…they’re just not.


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