day 43 – the word on the street

Day 43

Day 43

“The Word on the Street”
Thursday, 10/16/08

Shirt: Peace with Obama – available at CafePress, and here are several other styles with the same theme.

1. G day –
been a busy few days, so good to have some play time with G. I’m a little concerned about Joe the Plumber. What if Joe Sixpack relates to Joe the Plumber. I’m pretty sure I might qualify as Joe Sixpack though, and I’m not influenced by the plumber. I’m finding myself increasingly bothered by the huge role the media is playing in this election. They seem to choose one point each day and focus on that, and then public opinion follows. I’m not sure the “point” they choose is really chosen well, and I’m not sure they recognize how monopolizing they are. Maybe it’s fair to spend a day covering Joe the Plumber, b/c McCain/Palin seem to have appointed him their primary talking point today, but I don’t think Joe the Plumber even has a comprehensive understanding of Obama’s tax plan, so I’m not sure that giving him so much air time makes sense.


1 Response to “day 43 – the word on the street”

  1. 1 Deb
    October 21, 2008 at 5:17 pm

    joe the plumber is pretty ridiculous–another example of mccain’s impulsive behavior because clearly he didn’t take the time to find out the real scoop on “joe” even tho mccain continues to use this guy as an example of obama taking away the american dream and ruining all small businesses ability to create jobs and get our economy going again (which of course is a fallacy anyway) but the fact that this guy actually makes about $40,000 a year, the business owner has no intention to sell, the business doesn’t even make over $250,000 a year (and even if it did it would be taxed at the higher rate only at the income over $250,000) and of course this “higher “rate is really just rolling back the bush tax cuts, “joe” owes back taxes and well this is a bit silly but his name isn’t joe (that’s his middle name that he doesn’t even go by)–any way mccain can contiue to push the old trickle down theory which clearly hasn’t worked for the last 8 years—anyway–i suppose this is really the least of mccain’s new tactics –i suppose i need to read your next entries as i’m sure you discuss the latest outrageous, over the top, divisive tsctics he’s employing…deb

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