day 47 – the word on the street

Day 47

Day 47

“The Word on the Street”
Monday, 10/20/08

Shirt: Never anything false about hope – available through CafePress.

1. Mexican dinner –
we had dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.  Yum.  I’m starting to feel just a little confident that Obama will win…even a bit excited.  It’s looking good, right?  L follows electoral-vote.com daily.  Check it out if you haven’t before.  Ohio has this lovely blue outline.  I think it’s worth noting that in other countries all across the world, Obama is strongly supported.  This AP story out of London is interesting.  Here’s an exerpt:

It is no surprise Obama, the Democratic nominee, is popular in Europe — that was clear when he drew tumultuous crowds to his open-air speech in Berlin this summer — but the scope of the lead suggested by the polls is startling.

In Switzerland, for example, Obama has 83 percent support to John McCain’s 7 percent; in Britain, 64 percent to McCain’s 15 percent, and in France, 69 percent to McCain’s 5 percent. The closest they get is in Poland, where Obama has 43 percent and McCain 26 percent.

“The results tell you there is a really strong global desire for change in America, at least in the countries where we polled,” said Julian Glover, The Guardian’s polls reporter. “There’s not a lot of support for McCain anywhere.”


1 Response to “day 47 – the word on the street”

  1. 1 Deb
    October 21, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    yeah but you know the europeans are all socialists anyway probably communists too–just like obama—i’m trying to not get too excited even tho i really am–but i’m following obama’s lead–we can’t get complacent–anything could happen in 2 weeks–i really want to allow myself to get excited–sure feels a lot better than fearful but i suppose i’m a bit superstitious (sp?) and we’ll have plenty of time to celebrate when (oops) if obama wins…deb

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