day 58 – the word on the street

Day 58

Day 58

“The Word on the Street”
Friday, 10/31/08 (Happy Halloween!)

Shirt: Gasp! I’m not wearing an Obama shirt! I’m posing with the sign in my parents front yard. The scary guy in the photo was on his way to a Halloween party.

1. Mexican, groceries, dog pound, trick-or-treat –
We had every intention of voting this afternoon, so I couldn’t wear a shirt. I thought about wearing one and just putting a long sleeved shirt over it, but the fact is, I get hot, and I get a little anxious when voting, and I didn’t want to be wearing layers of shirts. The bad news is that we didn’t even vote! L came home a little early and we headed into the city and had some errands to run on our way. Somehow those errands took forever, and it just got to be too late.

There’s an open house event at our local dog pound (yes, it really is called a pound) tomorrow, and I’d made some things for the bake sale, so we had to drop those off. When we pulled in, this little mama pit-mix dog was running in the street. She was clearly a nursing mama and she was almost hit by cars a number of times. Anyway, we worked to get the deputies to help her, and it took some time. Finally one of them got in his truck and went after her. It really upset me and the more I think about it the more upset I am, b/c even if they did catch her (and I’ll bet they did), they’ll euthanize her. Nathan Winograd says to use the word “kill,” not “euthanize,” but I can’t do it.  They don’t allow pits or pit mixes to live in our local pound. So, I can’t get the fact that b/c of not thinking through the situation, now she’s probably in the pound for 3 days until she’ll be euthanized, and her babies are probably out there somewhere hungry and crying. I’m not sure what we could have done differently – caught her ourselves and brought her home? That’s really not an option. Because there are so many of them, it’s nearly impossible to get a pit bull into a rescue, and shelters almost always euthanize them b/c of “liability.” At least in Ohio, that’s most often the case. And let’s face it, friends aren’t knocking down my door to adopt any dog…and if they ever were, I’ve already sent one their way. We could have not told anyone and hoped she didn’t get hit…not sure that’s a good option though. I’ll check in with friends there and see if I can get an update on her. Poor girl…and her poor babies.

So this whole situation really does relate back to politics, b/c it reminds me how irresponsible it was for Sarah Palin to call herself a pit bull. It just adds to the propaganda that they are vicious, heartless animals, and that is so not true. I’ve met many wonderful pitties, and the fact that people perpetuate the myth that all of them are dangerous, well, it’s frustrating, b/c it results in almost all of them being put down, at least here in the OH. And that’s just really sad and unfair. 😦


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