day 59 – the word on the street

Day 59

Day 59

“The Word on the Street”
Saturday, 11/1/08

Shirt: Enough from CafePress

1. More illness –
our kiddo who had never really been sick has had a rough month. Fever today and lots of sleep today. Needless to say, we spent the day at home. I can’t believe the election is in two days. I’m fairly anxious about it, but feeling positive. Electoral-Vote.com shows Ohio as light blue, an improvement from having just the blue outline. That’s exciting. My parents had their Obama sign stolen yesterday, but it turns out it was some kids in the neighborhood, and they’d taken both McCain and Obama signs. My parents drove around looking for their sign, and eventually found it.

Make sure you listen to Palin’s prank call in the post below. And please pass it on, not because you’re mean, but b/c it says a whole lot about why we should be terrified of her in any kind of leadership position, and equally terrified of McCain’s judgment for choosing her.


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