Feeling a bright, cheery shade of blue

I voted today!

I voted today!

Yes we can! I’m so proud to be an Ohioan today – and an American. Today’s photo features the Obama sign in our front yard. Fitting that Obama is the 44th – number 4 always seems to bring good things to me. L and I made our way to the polls at 7am to cast our votes for Barack Obama. We waited in line for an hour and fifteen minutes. It was a relatively cheerful crowd. Later in the morning, another Obama supporter came knocking to be sure we’d cast our votes. His ground team didn’t miss a beat.

I probably don’t need to tell you that there were more tears as I watched President Elect Obama make his acceptance speech. His words resonate so strongly with me, and clearly with much of our country and the rest of the world. I can’t remember a time when I’ve felt more hopeful. The Obama and Biden families seem to be so “real.” I loved watching them celebrate together. We’re on a good, good path, and I am so excited to watch it all unfold.

As I watched Obama’s speech I was having these thoughts hitting me one after another…

-no more drill, baby, drill

-respect for our environment and policies to protect it

-respect for those humans most in need and programs to help them rise up

-desperately needed jobs for our country

-no more huge tax cuts for the top 3 percent

-an adopted dog entering the white house – his/her name should so be Hope

-no more wars based on lies and arrogance

-an end to our growing national debt

Obama is exceptional in his values and his own dreams for America. He’s not a typical politician – he is our politician. I could not be more excited for these and all of the other positive changes he will bring.

On another note, I am elated that Proposition 2 in California has passed too. Animals deserve at least this sliver of respect, and I hope this right to the most basic standard of care will extend to additional states in the future. Thanks to all in CA who rallied and supported this important initiative.


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