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Day 7 – the word on the street

Day 7

Day 7

“The Word on the Street”
Wednesday, 9/10/08

Shirt: Hope (on me) – can be purchased at CafePress, and Crayon Obama 08 (on G) is also available at CafePress.

1. Working/Walking/Playing –
I have several new shirts on the way and am hopeful they’ll arrive this week. Fingers crossed! Since they aren’t here yet, G was cool with his shirt being the new shirt of the day. I have to say it seems more difficult for people to ignore an Obama shirt on a toddler. It’s just so obvious on them. We didn’t run into any problems though and had plenty of smiles.

Just a note that the toddler shirts from CafePress seem to run a bit small. G always wears 18 mos, but his Obama shirt is much tighter than we’re used to. Good thing there are only 53 days left for him to wear it! And no, of course he’s not wearing his every day. We do need to get it clean for the Hillary rally this week though. 🙂