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Mom says “oh, I’m not surprised.”

I told my mom that I am going to wear an Obama shirt every day through the election and blog about it. She said “really?” and then “Oh, I’m not surprised.” She used to be surprised by my volunteer and advocacy activities. I remember once she made a comment about when I “went to college and got changed.” I still laugh at that one, b/c she’s right. Before that, I wasn’t very concerned with anything, but since I turned about 19, I’ve been on a fast track to change – probably why Obama appeals to me so strongly. Some might even claim that I am radical. I wish I had a transcript of a talk I saw Julia Butterfly Hill give at Bellarmine University a few years ago. She made this poignant argument about the definition of radical. Something about how doing our best to be kind and compassionate, and thinking about the effects of your choices should not be considered radical, but just the opposite. Maybe the fact that I was at a talk by JBH makes me radical, but I don’t think so. After all, she was speaking at a Kentucky university that refers to itself as “in the catholic tradition.” How radical can that possibly be?

My parents have adjusted really well to my work and passions though, and have come to support me and I think many times are even a little proud. And as much as they might not realize it, this did start with them. They taught me to be kind and to commit fully to anything I start. There was no quitting in my family and there was certainly no laziness when it came to work. They’re responsible for giving me the drive and compassion. I’m glad they’re not surprised.


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I've made a commitment to wear an Obama shirt each day until the election - a total of 60 days. I document each day here. The faqs will tell you more.


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