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day 11 – the word on the street

Day 11

Day 11

“The Word on the Street”
Sunday, 9/14/08

Shirt: Barack’s How I roll – can be purchased through Cafe Press.

1. Starbucks and Bagel Shop –
saw a car on the way that had several bumper stickers including Obama, Hillary and Go Veg. We don’t see this often in our neighborhood. I was thinking recently about how many fewer bumper stickers I’ve seen for this election than in 2004. We were living in Columbus in 2004, so maybe that has something to do with it. Anyway, so here was this car with the bumper stickers in small town, OH and I figured we’d never see it again, but then we turned on to our street and the car was parked in a driveway a few houses away. They also had an Obama sign on their front door. Crazy! So, as if this isn’t shocking enough, we go to the Hillary rally and see the same car there. I need to make a point of meeting this person. We have been thinking about hosting one of those MoveOn parties this weekend. Maybe we should, and then we’d find some other local Obama supporters.

2. Hillary Rally – we arrived early and there was a really long line. Kind of a party atmosphere in the line with people selling t-shirts and buttons. I was definitely not the only person wearing an Obama shirt, but G may have been the youngest 🙂