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day 9 – the word on the street

Day 9

“The Word on the Street”
Friday, 9/12/08

Shirt: Peace with Obama – available at CafePress. I’ll have a new shirt tomorrow – promise! Meanwhile, please order yourself a free Obama Button from MoveOn.

1. Indian Restaurant –
you’ll notice that we eat here a lot. Definitely our favorite restaurant that is moderately close. Because we live in a small town, nearly everywhere we go requires the highway. We’re adjusting to that, but miss living in a a more urban area and walking places. Anyway, no other obvious Obama fans today. One girl did smile very big at me, but not sure if it was shirt related or if she was just a kind and happy person.

2. Panera – we ran into my parents’ neighbors here. I had one of those, “oh no” moments, thinking they’re more than likely republican. Not sure what it is about people that makes me think this. They drive fancy cars and attend church every week, but so do plenty of Obama supporters, right? So, the woman comes up to me and says “yay! go Obama!” She then went on to tell me how her friend’s daughter is volunteering with the campaign in Columbus and actually met Barack Obama and they all just love him. How’s that for hope! Honestly, this is small town Ohio. We literally have Amish people in the next little town, and the largest tourist attraction around is a very large flea market and Amish home-style restaurant. Yet, I’m finding Obama supporters right here. And why wouldn’t I? People are tuned in and paying attention. My optimism is growing.

So, did anyone catch John McCain on The View today? As I watched it, I kept thinking “wow” and “how sad is it that the women on The View are tougher than the CNN journalists?” I wanted to think that it’s b/c they’re allowed to show some bias, but Barbara Walters is neutral, and she was equally tenacious. I should give credit to Campbell Brown for the strong questions she asked soon after Gov. Palin was announced, but that caused the republicans to attack the media, and I haven’t seen much tough questioning since then. I feel like the tide is turning though, and the media is finally starting to challenge Palin again, and rightfully so since she refuses a real interview. I mean when are we going to see her on Meet the Press? Of 46 vice presidents in history, nine of them have taken over the seat of president without being elected. We have good reason to fear Palin.


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