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mission accomplished

I’ll admit that I have thought about continuing my Obama wearing through the inauguration, but as much as I will miss wearing Obama and communicating with all of you via this blog each day, I’ve decided that my mission is accomplished.

When I think about any successes this blog may have had, I certainly do not think I played even a remotely significant role in the election, but I do somehow feel like I was doing something, and I’m happy to have done my part. Also, my parents voted for the first time in their lives, and while I think Barack Obama’s words had far more to do with that than my words, I might have had a tiny bit to do with keeping them motivated. I’m so proud of them. I’m also excited to share all of this with G some day. That brings me to a question I get a lot, “what are you going to do with all of those shirts?” I think I will pack them up along with a printed copy of the blog, buttons from the Gobama support pack, our yard sign, and other various Obama support items, and maybe someday G or his children or their children can take them to the Antiques Roadshow. *smile* Really, this is what I plan to do. At the very least, it might make a fun show-and-tell item someday. Admittedly, there are some shirts I’d like to continue wearing, and I may do that for a while, but ultimately, they’ll be packed away.

So, you may have noticed that day 60 came on Nov. 2nd, rather than the 3rd. Math has never been my strength. At any rate, it worked out well b/c on day 61, G was terribly sick, requiring a visit to the doctor, and the last thing I wanted to do was take a photo and blog. So maybe there was some foresight in my math error.

I was so fortunate to receive shirts from so many generous individuals and companies. CafePress was amazing to me as were many other shirt designers/printers. I also cannot believe that people actually read my blog. I don’t know who all of you are, but I really do appreciate you checking in each day. Seeing the number of people reading definitely kept me motivated.

I’m excited for the next four years. I’m hopeful that things in this country will improve for G’s generation, and this his will be a generation far less apathetic than my own. I’m hopeful that my dad and other people in a similar situation will find the employment and security they deserve. I’m hopeful that this country remains motivated and involved and continues to “question authority” as we move forward with President Obama. Obama cannot be the change alone, WE are the change.

Finally, I’ll leave you with one final freebie. MoveOn is offering a free “Yes we did!” sticker.

Yes we did!


day 49 – the word on the street

Day 49

Day 49

“The Word on the Street”
Wednesday, 10/22/08

Shirt: Retro Obama 08 – can be purchased through CafePress.

1. Work day –
so…how about the hockey mom’s $150,000 wardrobe. Really, this wouldn’t be a story or upset me if she weren’t trying to sell herself as the advocate for every average joe. I don’t understand why people buy into that. She’s not average…McCain’s not average…they are not looking out for people like me. On the other hand, check out this video where the Obamas talk about how they do most of their shopping at the Gap. There are a lot of arguments from the right that make me upset, but I think the “elitist” propaganda is near the top. I don’t equate intelligence with being elitist. I do, however, think having 8 or 10 or 11 houses (however many) might make you an elitist. I think being an heir to the fortune your family made in the beer industry might make you an elitist. I think a $17,000 a day wardrobe allowance might make you an elitist. I think being a really smart, well educated community organizer turned politician, who really did start out “just like me” makes you brilliant, driven, and admirable.

Obama for America has a new offer for a free bumper sticker if you don’t have one yet.


Free Lipstick Bumpersticker

Go to Emily’s List and you can order a free bumpersticker that says “Read my lipstick, I’m voting democrat.”


Day 10 – the word on the street

Day 10

Day 10

“The Word on the Street”
Saturday, 9/13/08

Shirt: Berkeley for Obama – available at CafePress. Why Berkeley? Favorite friends of ours recently moved there, and were so nice to send me this shirt. So fun wearing it all day even through the Ohio rain.

Don’t forget to order your free Obama Button from MoveOn.

1. Indian Restaurant –
we don’t usually eat here two days straight, but some friends were going for lunch and invited us. Our favorite server said, “Oh, Obama again” and smiled. Our friends liked my shirt too. We had brief conversation about Gov. Palin and our continued shock and growing fear of her.

2. Pet Supply Store – this store always has conservative talk radio playing. I’ve thought about boycotting them for that, but the fact is they’re the only store in town that stocks our preferred dog food, and they’ve helped me with some advocacy work for the local dog pound, so that’s enough balance for me. If they started selling puppies or kittens, that would be a deal breaker. I wondered what sort of reaction I would get to my shirt, but no problems. I think the cashier was primarily concerned with helping me carry all of the dog food out in the rain.

3. Movie – we saw the new Coen brothers movie. Funny and sad all at once. No shirt reaction.

4. Local Sports Bar – we’d never been to this place before, and I knew I’d stick out as the only person not wearing OSU gear. Plenty of looks, but no comments.

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