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day 23 – the word on the street

“The Word on the Street”
Friday, 9/26/08

Shirt: iVote for Obama – can be purchased through CafePress. I love this shirt too! I especially love the style of this shirt. It’s a junior raglan, and I’m wearing it in a large. It’s made by American Apparel, and the fit is perfect.

1. Debate/Neighbor day –
glad to see McCain gave up his cut and run strategy (or was that a tactic – hmmm), and showed up for the debate. It looks as though reports are leaning heavily toward Obama as coming out ahead in the debate. I thought he came out far ahead. I feel like watching McCain is sort of like Watching Palin. McCain is clearly far more intelligent, but they both just stick to a few talking points and use those to answer questions that are not even remotely related. Did you all see Palin’s interview with Katie Couric, btw? Wow…that whole scenario of her potentially becoming VP terrifies me more each day. I couldn’t help thinking every time McCain spoke during the debate, that Palin could never answer these questions (either could I, of course, but I’m not running for VP). What are they going to do next Thursday? I really, really hope it’s the same debate format. It was a good day for Obama – a good week even.

I wrote a while ago about this veggie, Obama supporting neighbor w/the bumper stickers, and today, while walking with G, I met her. She’s has kiddos too, and she and her husband were really friendly. I still can’t believe this woman lives so close. Oh, and they have two big, black lab mix dogs! There are no McCain signs, but two Obama yard signs in our little neighborhood, and neither of them belong to us. We really need to order one. My guess is as soon as we do, our next door neighbors who simply can’t understand why anyone would choose Obama, will put out a McCain sign. I suppose it’s better to be on the offensive and get ours out first though. 🙂

Maybe we’ll design our own yard sign using CafePress. I love their sample – I have a similar saying on a bumper sticker in my office, but more general, as it says “speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.” CafePress also has a nice selection of pre-designed yard signs available.


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