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day 14 – the word on the street

Day 14

Day 14

“The Word on the Street”
Wednesday, 9/17/08

Shirt: Obama Good for You – can be purchased through CafePress. The words are made up of fruits and veggies. I thought it was the perfect Obama shirt for a vegetarian. You can get this design on so many items – even long sleeved shirts and sweatshirts for toddlers. I see now that CafePress has shirts designed specifically for vegetarians too.

1. Work day –
sorry to be so boring today, but I only left the house for a walk through the neighborhood. In the photo, I’m trying out a new recipe for vegan brownies. Our friends just had a baby (Congratulations Susan and Jonathan!), and I know they’ll be in need of chocolate for those long nights. Anyway, I stayed in to catch up on some cooking and cleaning. One of things I didn’t consider when I committed to wearing Obama shirts for 60 days, is that that I’d need to go somewhere each day to keep things interesting. I promise that Thursday will be more exciting to read about!

Wanted to add quickly that it must be a joke that a story about Gov. Palin’s eyeglasses is a headline on’s home page, right? I have to admit that I’m worried about this election. This country is in economic crisis and our news media is writing about fashion? Really? We’re so far off right now and the focus seems to be lost in the celebrity. A friend shared this op ed piece with me today, and I recommend you all read it. McCain and Palin are dangerous.